Jinarre's New Eden

Jinarre's New Eden By: Derken

The travels of Jinarre through New Eden and tips for the MMo, EvE Online.

- Derken


This blog follows the character, Jinarre, through her adventures in EvE Online. The blog focuses on PvP, NulSec politics and game tips. The writer writes almost solely about EvE Online.

Writing Style

Depending on the post the writer uses one of three writing styles.

First person: Jinarre

The writer writes from the perspective of Jinarre as a Personal log entry dictating various things that have happened to her in the game.

Third Person Narrative

The writer uses a normal third person narrative disguised as a System Log from Jinarre's ship.

First Person: Derken

Derken, the writer, actually discusses things as a player and gives information and other random comments. These are annotated as italics.

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