10 Things a New Pod Pilot Should Know

By: Jinarre

To continue my current ramblings (that and Jin's doing boring L1 quests for rep right now so she can finally get the bubble wrap off her cruiser) about what a fresh pod-runner should know about space and New Eden. Here's a bit more of my newb knowledge for you.

Ten Things to be aware of when flying in New Eden.

1) "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" -Murphy's Law. Bad things will happen when you least expect it. Always have contingencies and always be prepared.

2) You are safe in a NOS (NPC owned station), but no where else. Hi security space (noted as 1.0 - 0.5 security status) is safer then Low security (0.4 - 0.1) or No security (0.0), but you are not safe. Players and NPC's can and will target you and can kill you.

3) CONCORD will punish the unlawful, but they are not protectors (see rule 1 and 2). CONCORD is not a method to protect yourself in space and they will not save you before a pirate can kill you.

4) Never use autopilot (see rule 1 and 2). Auto pilot is not only slower than manual (Auto pilot does not warp to 0), but can be fatal if a pirate sees you. Also auto pilot is pretty noticeable to a trained eye. Most pirates have very trained eyes.

5) Trust no one. Question assistance from people who wish to help you. Question people helping you for no reason. Know the motives of others before you agree to anything.

6) Never fly what you are not willing to lose or able to replace (see rule 1, 2 and 3). I've mention this before. Don't dump all your ISK into something that will possibly end up as space dust tomorrow. And get insurance! Max coverage recommended!

7) Bigger is not better (see rule 1). Larger ships can do massive damage, but train so slow that smaller ships can usually avoid being hit altogether. So, do not overestimate yourself stronger in larger ships. Don't overlook or ignore small ships.

8) Raising skills past Level 3 and 4 can take days, so only raise them to a useful level. Getting the last 2% bonus in some skill is generally not worth the days of training time required unless there are other benefits (unlocking advanced skills, ability to use Tech II gear/ships). Do your research and don't waste time on a skill unless the gains are worth the time invested.

9) Always be learning a skill. Even if it's not a skill you need now investing 8 to 16 hours that you are not playing in a long skill can assist you in overall abilities. Furthermore, you can swap to shorter skills while you're playing then go back to where you left off in the long skill when you log.

10) The game is entirely based off of Risk vs Reward and Fun is a legitimate reward. Even with rule 2, pod-pilots continue to explore New Eden, because they are doing what they like. So find your niche, mitigate your risks, and reap your rewards.

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