Types of Combat

By: Jinarre

There are so many types of combat that most people with find a nice preferred niche some where in combat space. The following are the basic positions in fleet combat. Smaller scale combat requires less people to perform these same jobs.

Note: The required skills noted here are only to use the modules required to perform that specific function, recommended requirements are skills that (on top of core skills) will improve your performance in that function.

The Tackler

Other MMO equivalent: Crowd Control
The individual tasked with keeping an enemy from escaping. A tackler's purpose is slow the target, make him unable to warp, disable microwarp and generally making the target unable to escape or effectively maneuver.

Skill Requirements:
Propulsion Jamming

Skill Recommendations:
High Speed Maneuvering

The EW Specialist

Other MMO equivalent: Debuff
The individual tasked with removing enemy combat capabilities. An EW specialist removes the enemy's targeting capabilities, and other attack mechanics.

Skill Requirements:
Electronic Warfare

Skill Recommendations:
Long Distance Jamming
Frequency Modulation
Projected Electronic Counter Measures
Signal Dispersion
Signal Suppression
Turret Destabilization
Weapon Disruption
Electronic Attack Ships

The Drainer (Supplementary Job)

Other MMO equivalent: Debuff
Capacitor power is life, and a Drainer removes that power from the enemy. Without capacitor power ships lose the ability to attack, repair and actively protect themselves leaving them vulnerable.

Skill Requirements:
Energy Emission Systems

The Damage Dealer

Other MMO equivalent: DPS
A damage dealer give maximum unadulterated damage to the target shredding through any protection through shear destructive power.

Skill Requirements:
[Skill for use of the weapon type of choice (and it's prerequisites) such as Medium Hybrid Turrets]

Skill Recommendations:
[Specialization skills such as Medium Blaster Specialization]
Weapon Upgrades
Assault Ships
For Turrets:
- Controlled Bursts
- Motion Prediction
- Rapid Firing
- Sharpshooter
- Surgical Strike
- Trajectory Analysis
For Rockets/Missiles/Bombs:
- Bomb Deployment
- Guided Missile Precision
- Missile Bombardment
- Missile Projection
- Rapid Launch
- Target Navigation Prediction
- Warhead Upgrades

The Tanker

Other MMO equivalent: Tank
A tank wades through the massive damage keeping targets occupied to allow other weaker ships to disable and destroy the enemy.

Skill Requirements Although not technically required the following is necessary to prevent weaknesses that will cause an individual to be a bad tank:
Shield Tanks:
- Shield Upgrades
Armor Tanks:
- Hull Upgrades

Skill Recommendations:
Shield Tanks:
- EM Shield Compensation
- Explosive Shield Compensation
- Kinetic Shield Compensation
- Shield Compensation
- Shield Emission Systems
- Tactical Shield Manipulation
- Thermic Shield Compensation
Armor Tanks:
- EM Armor Compensation
- Explosive Armor Compensation
- Kinetic Armor Compensation
- Thermic Armor Compensation

The Logistics Specialist

Other MMO equivalent: Healer/Buff
Remote repair and assistance vessel used to decrease losses in a fleet by supplementing the fleet.

Skill Requirements:
Remote Armor Repair Systems
Remote Hull Repair Systems
Shield Emission Systems

Skill Recommendations:
Sensor Linking
Target Painting
[Leadership Skills]

The Drone Carrier (Supplementary Job)

Other MMO equivalent: Utility
Able to quickly modify a supplemental job by swapping drones allows drone ship the ability to supplement any other position in a fleet.

Skill Requirements:

Skill Recommendations:
[Any Drone skills]

The Recon Specialist (Supplementary Job)

Other MMO equivalent: Stealth Class
Recon cloaking technology allows fleets to assess combat requirements before combat takes place allowing proper planning to complement any foe.

Skill Requirements:

Skill Recommendations:
Covert Ops
Black Ops

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