Eve Resources

A list of EvE resources for EvE Online.

Disclaimer: EvEosphere does not necessarily endorse or are affiliated with any sites mentioned here.

Official Site

Site Purpose
EvE Online Website The main website made by CCP for EvE Online.

EvE Related Programs

Site Purpose
EveMon The EveMon program monitors skill progression for characters while out of the game. This program also has a skill planning system.
EFT EFT (EvE Fitting Tool) is a program that can be used to outfit ships prior to purchasing any parts

EvE News

Site Purpose
CCP's EvE News News from the source, CCP.
EvE News Self-proclaimed as, "The right place at the right time."
EvE Tribune EvE's Online Newspaper.
ENN EvE Newsblog

EvE Related Wikis

Site Purpose
EvElopedia CCP's Official EvE Wiki
EvE Wiki Most Popular EvE Wiki
Eve Wiki on Wikia Another EvE Wiki
Grismar's EvE Wiki Specialized Article Wiki on Basic EvE Info
GoonWiki Goonfleet Wiki (Wiki website) is obviously biased to Goonfleet, but the open segments have excellent information. Regardless of your opinion of them they give some smart advice.
EvEosphere Information and Articles from the EvE Blogging Community

Other Useful EvE Related Websites

Site Purpose
Battleclinic BattleClinic is a very useful site. Included is an online-loadout tool that can be critiqued by other pilots. Also includes plenty of guides for the less than knowledgeable.
EvE Agents Eve Agents (Website) finds agents for you using various useful filters like level, corperation and minimum influence.
New Character Skills Chart New Character skill chart (Excel/Adobe) shows all standing possible starting skill sets for any new character type.
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